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My company motto is "Have Fun and Wear Color!" You will see the basic white shirt that was punched with a bit of drama. You will see different shirts that I played with and fell in love. You will find scarves that are perfect to jazz up that black turtleneck for your dog walk and the silk wrap that is THE item you will use over and over with jeans and for a black tie function.

When in doubt, add a pop of color!

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In the Middle!

As always - I feel like I am IN THE MIDDLE - I am in the middle of my Retail Boutique show season, In the middle of my Wholesale Trade Show Season, In the middle of new product launch, In the middle of web page updates, In the middle of making kids lunch, In the middle of walking the dog, In the middle of meeting girlfriends for lunch, In the middle of making the bed, cleaning the kitchen, folding the clothes, and reading a book!!!! My question is...will I ever NOT be in the middle??  I really really hope not!!! :)

SO - while I am in the middle of packing samples for tomorrow and stock for Wednesday - I should let you know where I will be in the next few weeks!

Oct 29-31 TRENDZ Show, Palm Beach Convention Center West Palm Beach

Nov 2-4 Sunbeam Show, The Country Club, Pepper Pike, Ohio

Nov 12 Shop Hop, Jeffrey Mansion, Bexley, Ohio

Nov 16-19 Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital Show, Lake Forest, IL

Dec 2-3 St Albans Christmas House Tour & Holiday Boutique, National Cathedral, Wash DC

Come visit if you are around! I would rather have a smile and a hug then a dollar any day. Remember to wear color, POP that collar, and have fun!!



October 27, 2016 by Heidi Ackley

Here we GO!

Wow - I never realized how hard it was to create and populate a website until it took me 3 years - lots of help - and 2 or 3 different sites!! Well - here we are...I hope you like the look of the new site - and I hope you can see all of the products I carry!

Have fun scrolling through and I am SURE there are things I did NOT do very well and I am SURE there are kinks to iron out - so just like any new restaurant...PLEASE be patient and kind!! HAHA

Remember...Have Fun and Wear Color!!


September 19, 2016 by Heidi Ackley

Northern Exposure (summer shows)

Join me this summer where the air is cool and the sun is HOT!  I will have all products from online and some new and old favs!

Swing by to shop or just to give me a hug!  All smiles are welcome!!

July 4th – Zorn Park, Harbor Springs, MI

July 9th – Old Art Building, Leland, MI

July 13th – Nubs Nob Ski Resort, Harbor Spring, MI

July 20th – Glen Arbor Town Hall, Glen Arbor, MI

July 29 – 31 – Bay Harbor Marina, Bay Harbor, MI

April 24, 2016 by Heidi Ackley